I am currently bureau chief for Monocle in New York, covering the Americas. Previously I was a freelance foreign correspondent focused on the Southern Cone and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This website covers my print, radio and video work for outlets including: The Independent, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The International New York Times, CSMonitor, the BBC, RFI and GlobalPost, among others.

Crack team

September 2014

I was in Pedro Juan Caballero, a town in northern Paraguay hugging the border with Brazil. Reporting for the Affairs section of Monocle magazine, I filed a story about the drugs problem in the department of Amambay and in particular the production of marijuana, most of which feeds the Brazilian and Argentine markets. I spoke to journalist, politicians and residents, alongside Senad, the national anti-drugs unit whose job is to eradicate clandestine crops growing deep within jungle areas. Sketchiest moment? When photographer André Vieira (see some of his beautiful photos below) was shooting a “narco” palacio in town, men started circling us on mopeds. Each one had one hand on the handlebar and the other in their pocket – apparently a warning that they were armed. See ‘Writing’ section of my website for full article.

76_a_paraguay drug unit copy-1    76_a_paraguay drug unit copy-3