Haiti: a new breed of cartoon

January 21 2012

Haiti recently held a memorial service in the capital, Port-au-Prince, remembering the over 300,000 people that perished in the near biblical destruction wrought by the earthquake of January 12 2010…

Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner sails to victory

October 25 2011

t’s no great suprise that Argentina’s Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won Sunday’s presidential elections. Local and international media have long predicted that her re-election would be relatively uncontested – and no last minute hiccups stopped her steamrolling to victory, with 54 per cent of the vote, as activists and party henchman gathered to hear her acceptance speech in a Buenos Aires hotel….

Sustainable growth?

September 26 2011

All eyes were on Washington last Tuesday when the IMF published its World Economic Outlook, predicting global national growth rates for 2011-2012…

Without a trace

September 19 2011

Distorted sound fizzes out of a stack of battered speakers in the back of a pick-up truck. Giant banners and the red flags of left-wing groups flutter in the breeze against the backdrop of the Palacio del Congreso, Buenos Aires’ neoclassical celebration of state power…

Pressing concerns

August 28 2010

‘You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists’. George W Bush’s famous words could seemingly be applied to what’s happening in Argentina at the moment: you’re either with the government or you’re suspected of colluding with the last dictatorship (1976-83)…

Never forget

June 22 2010

Not long ago, the building would have been the pride of the armed forces…

Nunca más

April 10 2010

The Parque de la Memoria occupies a suitably barren stretch of land. Here, on even the calmest of days, wind whips through this concrete edifice to the horrors of state sponsored terrorism, whistling and echoing around its grey walls…

Word on the street

February 24 2010

Paris of South America? Well perhaps a backstreet near Barbès…

Blast from the past

November 30 2009

He looks like a cuddly grandpa. Small, rotund and with a neatly coiffed moustache, he comes across as a bit too down to earth to be the president-elect of Uruguay…

More drama than a telenovela

October 14 2009

Will they? Won’t they? It was dramatic stuff watching the twists and turns of Argentina’s campaign to make the finals of South Africa 2010…